Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tagged by Moonbeam

I’ve been tagged for this meme by Moonbeam McQueen, so here goes!

5 Things in your bag:
1. "over 40", wear on the tip of your nose reading classes
2. multi-purpose ID badge so I can park at work and then get into the buildings I need to be in
3. way too many keys that somehow always seem to be the hardest thing to find
4. perpetually empty wallet
5. chapstick

5 favorite things in your room
1. Indigo
2. Mitten
3. a variety of cats
4. pictures of loved ones on my desk
5. tons of books

5 things you’ve always wanted to do.
1. be a rock star
2. be Grace Slick
3. sky dive
4. have thin thighs
5. have straight hair

5 Things that You’re Currently Into
1. Quakerism
2. Peace
3. my dissertation (well, I should be but alas, I procrastinate)
4. Barack Obama
5. wedding plans

Monday, January 07, 2008

Remembering Deepali

I received very sad news today. My friend Deepali passed away yesterday. She was 34 years old. Last June she was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer with liver and brain mets...it was already too late.

I met Deepali in 2002 when I went to work as a programmer/analyst. She was not originally part of our team, but spent much time with us as she learned Java. Eventually we were both moved to Operations Education and worked together on a Lotus Notes project. We became good friends. I only stayed at that job for 2 years, but we remained friends after I left often meeting for lunch. She was one of those people who could eat hordes of food and never gain a pound.

When I first met Deepali, she was still single and she often talked about her friends that were having babies. We joked a lot that one day she would come in and announce that she was pregnant. Well, one day she came in and told us that she had gotten married over the weekend. Well, as you can imagine, it wasn't long before she had that long awaited news...finally pregnant! So, two and a half years ago, Deepali had a beautiful little boy that she just adored.

I found out in September that Deepali was ill. When we talked she told me that the tumor was too large to be removed and that they were treating it with chemo. She told me that she knew something was wrong in January because she had severe pain that limited the use of her arm. The doctors were reluctant to do a mammogram for some reason. Several months later, Deepali finally insisted on that mammogram...it came back negative. I guess they must have known something was there because they moved to an MRI which showed the cancer which had already metastasized.

I had lunch with Deepali in October. She wore a wig that we didn't speak about. Her spirits were high and she was confident that she would beat the cancer. True to herself, she ate a huge lunch...I was happy to see that.

I didn't expect to hear of her passing today or so soon. Tomorrow I will attend her funeral...I can't believe I'm writing that, saying that. I am broken hearted.

I had two friends diagnosed with breast cancer last year...both under 40 years old. One stage four, the other stage two. Neither old enough to have had a baseline mammogram...neither with a family history of breast cancer. Perhaps there is a lesson in this about getting that mammogram, about making sure your doctor listens to you, about the medical community changing the way they view women's health care.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Rest in Peace Eema

Today is a sad day for Indigo. One of her cats, Eema, died. She had a thyroid condition that led to liver damage and fluid in her lungs. She went downhill very quickly. Rest in peace sweet kitty!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Guns and Violence

Indigo is afraid and concerned. She lives in the city called the "murder capital of the country". So far this year there has been more than one murder per day in this city. Three cops have been shot in the last four days. Today, a cop was shot in the head when he happened to walk in on a robbery in progress. Indigo says enough already. Why isn't anybody doing anything? Why are people so apathetic? Why are there so many guns on the streets?

Our government perpetrates the violence with this war mongering. War in Iraq, next in Iran and lots of tough talk about other countries. It breeds the violence that fills our streets. And this administration wasting so much money to keep this violence active; billions and billions of dollars wasted on the killing fields. Think of the good those billions could do here; the difference in the public education system that is so desperately in need of money, the difference in putting food into hungry peoples' mouths and housing for homeless folks. Think of that money being used to help bring down the cost of prescription medicines for people who have to make that heart wrenching decision between food and medication. Think of that money being used to provide health care for every person in this country...every person. Think of that money being used to discover new legitimate fuel alternatives. The possibilities are as endless as this war seems to be.

Indigo is perplexed and annoyed.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Oh How The Peace Garden Grows

Indigo Love wants you to see how her Peace Garden is growing. Indigo wants you to see a picture of the back garden as well. She hopes you enjoy these pictures.

She thinks everybody should see this youTube video of Keith Olbermann strongly asking Bush and Cheney to resign: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFtHSvgXj-c

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Indigo's Peace Garden

Indigo has a Peace Garden. Her Aunt Shelly put in the new garden for Indigo. Here are the first pictures of the Peace Garden. Check back soon ...the Peace Garden is growing

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Indigo wants people to love each other

Indigo would like very much to have people love each other instead of finding reasons to hate. Indigo thinks this is something that humans could learn from dogs. Dogs just love...they wag, they kiss, they get yelled at and come right back and love. Dogs don't start wars unless people teach them to fight. Dogs sleep because they feel like sleeping, eat because...well just because. And everything makes them happy. Indigo thinks people can learn from this and I think she might be on to something.